The Alabama Private Investigators Association is an organization that promotes and encourages the highest standards of professionalism among licensed private investigators through legislative action, education, training, membership support and networking.

The APIA is comprised of a very diverse group of professional investigators from “general practitioners” to specialized investigators. We seek to recruit investigators from every imaginable discipline.  Among our members,  you will find specialists in Fire, Insurance SIU, Surveillance, Service of Process, Domestic Relations, Cyber Forensics, and other disciplines represented.  Our professional development program includes quarterly meetings and an annual conference that provides continuing education (CE Credits) across the spectrum of professional investigations. 

New to the APIA?

Of nearly 500 Licensed Private Investigators (LPI), over one fourth are members of APIA.  Every LPI is invited to join APIA.  To be a Full Member, one must possess a current Alabama Private Investigators License issued by the APIB.  Associate Members are professionals in related fields, such as police investigators, paralegals, non-licensed investigators that work for corporations and law firms. 

The APIA holds a seat on the APIB (the licensing regulatory board) and works with them to insure protection of the consumers (public or corporate) and to maintain the highest standards of our industry.  We are assisting in upgrading the current licensing law, and encourage every licensed investigator to participate by joining today.  Let your voice be heard, and be a part of your professional peer group.

APIB Delegate

Jim Casteel

§ 34-25B Alabama Private Investigation Regulatory Act (Act 2013-306, § 1) established the Regulatory Board to be composed of 8 members. The seats on the Board are appointed by the Governor (3); Lieutenant Governor (1); Speaker of the House (1);  Attorney General (1); Alabama State Bar Association (1); and one appointed by the ALABAMA PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ASSOCIATION. 

The current APIA delegate to the APIB is Mr. Jim Casteel. Mr. Casteel is a past President of APIA, and now sits on the APIA Board of Directors as a Trustee.  Another APIB seat is held by one of APIA’s founding members,

       Jim Casteel              

 This year’s recipient of the first annual  “philanthropy” is Alabama CASA (Court Appointed Special   Advocates).  These volunteer advocates serve over 1,400 (of over 14,000) abused or neglected   children.  They are looking for volunteers to assist in case handling. That sometimes requires   investigators with special skills.  Much of our membership is involved in domestic relations cases,   making their association with APIA a natural fit.  Not only will APIA contribute financially, but our   membership can volunteer to work with this fine organization.  Please visit their   website to familiarize yourself with Alabama CASA.  We are looking forward to hearing from Ms. Maggie Blaedow, the State Director, to learn more during the conference. 

Advantages of Joining APIA

As a member of the APIA, you can be a part of setting the highest standards of our profession by participating in one of many committees from Legislative, Education & Training to Ethics. Belonging to a professional association demonstrates your commitment to excellence in your career. APIA Members gain access to our “Resource Board” which contains links to support organizations from Insurance to Equipment. Ads can be purchased to promote specialties and services. APIA business records are also viewable to members only.

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