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APIB activity: The APIB meeting was held in Montgomery on January 23, 2018.  The APIA delegate to the Board, Mr. Jim Casteel, was in attendance and spoke out on several matters relevant to licensing of Investigators. Also in attendance representing APIA were Jonnie M. Munn (President), Mr. Rodney Brown (2nd VP), and Mr. Jeff Hammock (Secretary). Mr. Munn addressed the Board regarding the Board's rule 741-X-3-.05 sub paragraph 7, which requires 14 days prior notice to request permission to address the Board. It was brought to the attention of the APIB members that this rule stifles open dialogue and inhibits the public's interaction with the Board. A request was made for reconsideration of that rule. Other business brought before the Board by Mr. Munn involved the current status of reciprocation or license agreements with the State of Georgia and the State of Florida. The Board reported that Florida will not consider reciprocation unless Alabama requires "Agency" licenses. Georgia will only reciprocate when the licensing requirements are equivalent to their requirements.

To meet these requirements, the Alabama Private Investigation Regulatory Act(Chapter 25B) will have to be amended by the legislature. The issues at hand will be establishing an "Agency" status, and establishing "minimum standards" as qualification to obtain an Alabama Private Investigator's License.

The Board moved to ask the APIA for our assistance in drafting the legislation for such changes.

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